Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Startup Capital for Small Business Owners

The biggest challenge for nearly every new small business is getting enough capital to sustain and grow during the first one to three years in business. And, while having enough capital is critical for survival, it’s often hard to get.

There is now a way for business owners to tap into an important new source of business capital. For business owners with credit scores of more than 675, a new nationwide source of capital is available through http://www.getbusinesslinesofcredit.com/ .

Credit lines as high as $500,000 are available for small businesses. Start-up businesses can get as much as $100,000. In addition, no collateral is required.

This essential online resource allows business owners to establish a renewable, revolving line of credit. Initially, the credit line is based on the strength of the owner’s credit ranking. However, the line of credit attaches to the business rather than the owner’s personal credit report. This is an important consideration for business owners who often are forced into using personal savings or personal credit to fund business operations and growth opportunities.

How to Get Credit

Business owners can go to the Web site at http://www.getbusinesslinesofcredit.com/ to apply for the line of credit. Using the online application process makes the whole process quick and easy. The Web site outlines four basic steps that help determine eligibility and start the application process.

From the homepage, a visitor to the Web site provides his or her name and e-mail address to learn more about the program. The easy steps consist of locating and filling out small amounts of information in order to determine what size loan the business qualifies for.

The steps are simple and tell the user how to organize and gather needed documents. A one-time fee of $29.95 is charged to process the loan application.

Funds can be received in as little as 30 business days. A short visit to the Web site can help any potential borrower to understand the entire process.

Credit lines are available nationwide.

For further information email us at: info@www.GetBusinessLinesofCredit.com
Visit our Web site: http://www.getbusinesslinesofcredit.com/

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